so this week me and my team continue to work on the core mechanics of the game,  I created a countdown timer which will be attached to the the win and lose conditions in their respective Scripts. my lead designer worked on the movement script while I moved onto the controls for level. The lead artist learnt how to unpack Sprites correctly inside of unity.  

I will continue to work on the core mechanic that allows the players to change the materials of individual cubes and in certain occasions multiple cubes for two separate players.  I will also will be implementing a counter for the number of cubes that have been changed by each player so when the countdown timer reaches its end the person with the higher amount of cubes changed in their favor can be named the winner.

I believe it would only take me one more week to complete the core mechanics and then we can move on to adding additional mechanics to help speed up or slow down the game. 

Get Purp v. Green